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Electronic gaming damage


 Electronic gaming damage


Electronic gaming damage

Electronic games

Talk about the benefits and harms of electronic games, especially in the recent period where traditional games have been replaced by electronic applications on smart devices or specialized gaming devices by children and their families, and this is ok as the whole world tends to apply digital technology in all areas of life, but such games are frequently criticized for their different harms to the child physically and psychologically when used excessively or without control and regulation of the parents, and since Most of these disadvantages did not appear in children from previous generations, and the damage of electronic toys to children will be talked about.

Electronic gaming damage

Hardly any house of computers, tablets and smartphones that have completely changed the concept of toys in children in recent years, as popular and interactive games between children and traditional games such as stuffed dolls and others have become a thing of the past, and smart applications have become the easiest, most efficient and most fun alternative for children, and from the damage of these games:

  • Addiction

 WHO warns of the risk of addiction in children who have become associated with electronic games, who have classified addiction to electronic games as a disease measured by how long a child plays, how often they play, prefer to play, and continue with their home and school responsibilities, although he knows how to play it, and is diagnosed with e-gaming addiction at least one year after these symptoms persist.

The reason for the addiction to such games lies in the way they are designed to attract the child for as long as possible through successive and interesting stages and cartoons beloved of children at these age stages so that the child prefers to spend time in these virtual games than spend with his family or friends, which is a clear cause of the depression associated with this addiction.

  • Violence and aggression

 Many children tend to play combat and aggressive games with violent scenes and actions, and the danger in these games is to sow aggressive tendencies in children's behavior and ideas, according to the American Psychological Association, where children tend to repeat and actually apply violent behaviors they see.

  • Obesity

 This is a problem that is not only exclusive to children, as the poor health system imposed by modern times from a long sitting in front of television screens, mobile phones and electronic games contributes significantly to reducing the physical activity necessary for heart and bone health in different ages, and the problem becomes more serious in children as they are accustomed to a poor diet and health at a young age.


  • Health problems

 Health problems from the damage of electronic games that are talked about for a long time, the simplest of which is bone and neck pain and muscle spasm due to long sitting hours in front of screens, and the lack of some important elements of the body such as vitamin D due to not leaving the house, the worst of which are vision problems, spine and neurological diseases such as convulsions, hyperactivity disorders and distraction.

  • Poor educational attainment

 Poor educational attainment in children seems unavoidable given the previous damage, as the child's constant preoccupation with games at times when he or she is not playing will affect his or her level of concentration and educational attainment, rather than the fact that children who become addicted to these games prefer to continue playing them than completing and following up on homework.

Benefits of electronic games

 Despite the many damages of electronic games, they have become an important part of the technology of the times indispensable, so it seems better to use this technology and use it in a moderate way to take advantage of it, as there is no doubt that some games are designed in a way that stimulates the child's mental activity, intelligence and memory, and others that may improve the ability of the child to make appropriate decisions and solve problems in a quick and logical way, and can then say that the damage of electronic games is only the result of misuse of Before children and parents or marketed by competent companies.