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Causes of weight gain after sleeve gastrectomy


 Causes of weight gain after sleeve gastrectomy

Causes of weight gain after sleeve gastrectomy


Gastric muzzle

Gastric ablation, also called gastritis, is an endoscopic surgery to lower excess weight and also during the introduction of small tools through an opening in the upper abdomen when gastritis is cut up to 80% of the stomach, and the shape of the stomach after the operation is similar to a banana, the muzzle of the stomach affects the amount of food a person eats and increases hormones that lower weight and these changes in levels of the stomach Hormones help reduce the incidence of diseases associated with weight gains such as heart disease and high blood pressure, and in this article, he will talk about the causes of weight gain after muzzle

Reasons for weight gain after sleeve gastrectomy


 The sleeve gastrectomy works to lose weight for long periods, the amount of weight the patient loses depends on the extent of his commitment to lifestyle and changes in his diet, where he can lose up to 60% of the weight before the operation, within two years, The sleeve gastrectomy process helps in losing weight and improves diseases related to weight gain, such as; Heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and it also improves the daily routine ability and quality of life. One of the complications of the gastric sleeve that worries patients is weight gain after surgery, usually in the third year after surgery, and the most important causes of weight gain after sleeve gastrectomy:


  • Not following the advice and lifestyle changes recommended by your doctor or nutritionist.
  • Eating snacks that feel full and that are full of calories and frequently, this leads to weight gain.


Tips after the sleeve gastrectomy


  In most cases, the patient is sent the day after surgery, in the first week after surgery, the diet will be limited to fluids and may extend for the second week, the diet will be determined by the surgeon and the nutritionist, in the following week's fluids will be introduced with mashed foods, then light foods, and then the usual food, and it is recommended to follow some instructions for greater comfort after the operation;


  • The amount of meals should be very small, making sure to eat the meal slowly and making sure that it is chewed completely.
  • You should refer to the doctor for any change in eating habits.
  • You should also make sure not to switch to regular food in a rush, as it can lead to pain and vomiting.
  • Undergoing a gastric sleeve operation leads to a problem in absorbing vitamins and minerals, because the quantities of food are less, and for this the patient must take vitamins on a daily basis, and calcium and vitamin D supplements, as well as need minerals such as iron and vitamin b12.
  • If the patient feels heartburn, the doctor should often be told that he needs a medicine that reduces stomach acid, gastric disease needs to do blood tests regularly every several months to ensure that the patient’s health is fine

Causes of sudden weight gain




  Overweight is a term that indicates that a person's weight exceeds the normal weight, this weight gain is determined by the body mass index (BMI), where the body mass index depends on the person's height in square meters and weight in kilograms, and BMI is often calculated for people over 17 years old, overweight is defined as an intermediate state between normal body weight and obesity, where the BMI is about 27.3% or more for women and 27.8% or more for men This article includes the risks and causes of sudden weight gain.


The dangers of being overweight


Overweight and obesity in all its forms increase the risk of many health problems and chronic diseases for humans. These problems may go away with the demise of excess weight as the main cause of it or the person’s persistence throughout his life as a result of the body’s tolerance of things beyond its ability, and the risks caused by increased Sudden weight of a person:


  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  •  High blood pressure Some types of cancer.
  • Difficulty or pauses in breathing during sleep.
  • Liver cirrhosis and lipogenesis.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Pregnancy problems.
  • Osteoporosis.


Causes of sudden weight gain


  Gaining weight and gaining fat and storing it in the body in a short period and suddenly one of the things that make a person worry about the kilograms that are gained, and often all of these things happen because of the wrong and exaggerated habits that people may follow, in addition to a lack of understanding the nature of The body and its needs, and the causes of sudden weight gain:


The sound and smell of food when preparing


  It may seem unfamiliar, but the sound and smell affect the quantities the individual eats. The pleasant smell of food increases the secretion of saliva and stomach juices, and thus sends the hormones responsible for hunger, such as the hormone ghrelin, signals to the brain to eat, and the sound affects The signals that are sent to the brain, which leads to sending false signals that the stomach sends to the brain as a result of hearing the sound or smelling the smell. Avoiding hearing and smelling the smell of food reduces the eaten taste.


Focusing on several things while eating


valuable food with many tasks while eating often leads to eating large amounts of food without realizing it, the reason for this is that the brain and senses are not fully used when eating, which leads to the brain being distracted by many things In which the brain loses the ability to focus on a particular matter, it is preferable to eat food in a place far from all the things that distract the brain.



Leaving food everywhere


 The availability of food in all places where people are makes it an easy target that can be obtained at any time, and keeping food away from the eye makes the chance of eating it much less than having it in sight, and having food next to a person for long periods causes eating large quantities Without the person realizing how much he ate, so care must be taken to keep food, especially sweets and sweets, away from the places where people are for long periods.


Fast food


Fast and inexpensive food that does not require a long time to prepare is one of the most important factors that contribute to sudden weight gain, due to its availability in all places and a large number of calories in it in addition to the high percentage of sodium in it. Tasting fast food makes a person need to eat large quantities are requested continuously, so it is preferable to limit eating fast food or eat it once a week to avoid sudden weight gain.


How to get rid of excess weight


 It is possible to get rid of excess weight and avoid the causes of sudden weight gain by making some changes in the lifestyle, and doing some things that contribute to staying away from the factors causing weight gain, and among these things that can be applied to reduce the chances of sudden weight gain:


Enhancement of cooking skills


 Doing the cooking process makes the individual responsible for the ingredients he uses, so having the skill of cooking reduces the possibility of adding a lot of fat, thus reducing the possibility of gaining weight, and following the steps to cook a particular dish makes the individual fully aware of the amount of calories and food groups In the dish, allowing a person the ability to diversify in meals and get good amounts of food groups without overdoing.


Preparing dishes rich in fiber


 Fiber is from food that the body does not digest very quickly, as it remains for long periods in the large intestine, unlike the rest of the food, which is often completely digested in the small intestine. In addition to increasing the body's ability to absorb nutrients better the longer, food remains inside, fiber can be obtained by eating vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.


Sleeping for sufficient periods

Sleep is closely related to the ability to gain or maintain weight. Not sleeping enough hours at night disrupts the hormones responsible for feeling hunger and satiety and reduces the efficiency of the metabolism and metabolism in the body. It is recommended to get approximately 6 hours of sleep. Sleep at night to avoid sudden weight gain.


Avoiding psychological stress


 Psychological stress leads to an imbalance in hormones and disruption of hormonal balance. Stress and psychological pressure increase the secretion of hormones called glucocorticoids. These hormones in turn increase appetite and feel the need and desire to eat large quantities of food, stress can be relieved by reducing Caffeine, meditation, and exercise.


Nutritional tips to avoid weight gain

  The causes of sudden weight gain can be avoided by practicing healthy habits with regard to choosing the type of food and cooking methods, determining the appropriate amount and the availability of all nutrients in the eating dish, in addition to:


  • Eat fruits and vegetables rich in fiber.
  • Eat whole grains instead of shelled, refined grains.
  • Exercising daily for 30 minutes.
  • Reduce the intake of sugars and sweets.
  • Replace hydrogenated oils with healthy vegetable oils.