moz Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive
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Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive



Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive

Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive

Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive


       Jasmine is one of the most famous aromatic plants whose smell we adore, in addition to its beautiful white flowers that adorn any place in which it is located, but jasmine has health and aesthetic benefits as well, as it helps to sleep deeply, improves mood, calms nerves, treats depression and anxiety, and increases sexual desire, as studies have confirmed.


 It has a good effect on the skin and maintains its freshness and youth. Learn with us in this article the benefits of jasmine oil for the skin, and how to use it.


Benefits of jasmine oil for the skin


Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive

    Jasmine flowers are also known as the "Queen of the Night", for their strong and fragrant aroma that becomes clearer during the evening, which applies to the oil extracted from them as well. In addition, it contains many active substances beneficial to the skin, such as antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins, and below we will review Here are the most important benefits for the skin:

1.  Moisturizing the skin and treating its dryness:

Jasmine oil treats dry skin and moisturizes it deeply, and keeps the skin moist and nourished, because it contains a high percentage of amino acids and antioxidants.


2.  Delaying signs of aging:

Jasmine oil contains vitamin C, which promotes collagen production, delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and combating early signs of aging.


3.  Lightening the skin and unifying its color:

Jasmine oil opens the skin and unifies its color, and eliminates dark spots and pigmentation, which helps in obtaining healthy and glowing skin.


4.  Reduce acne and inflammation:

Jasmine oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it treats skin infections, eczema and itching, and removes excess oils from the skin without drying it, thus preventing clogged pores and acne.


5.  Treating wounds and scars:

Jasmine oil rejuvenates skin cells and removes dead cells, which helps heal wounds and treat scars.


Other benefits of jasmine oil


Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive


1.                Calms and modifies the mood, and these are the most famous and well-known benefits of jasmine oil. It has been observed that putting jasmine oil on the body causes it to secrete some chemicals that relieve anxiety.


2.                Helps increase mental focus. In one study, it was observed that baseball players who wore hand straps that smelled of jasmine during the game performed better than those who did not.


3.                It relaxes the body and helps sleep, because it helps to relax the muscles of the body, and it also helps to treat people who suffer from insomnia, in addition to having an antidepressant effect.


4.                It helps to expel phlegm and congestion, especially in severe colds. Because of its calming and relaxing ability, it is a great remedy for cold and flu, and helps sleep.


5.                Facilitates the birth process, as its smell strengthens contractions, and reduces labor pain, however, it should not be used except after consulting a specialist.



Benefits of jasmine oil for the vagina


Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive

     The vagina consists of a tube-shaped canal. Its location is behind the bladder, urethra (urethra), and in front of the rectum. The vagina extends internally from the cervix to the opening of the vagina, and here the external genitalia, also called the vulva, are located, and it surrounds the opening of the vagina. We must take care of the cleanliness of this area, as jasmine oil is one of the most important oils to take care of. The benefits of jasmine oil for the vagina can be summarized as follows:

·      It gives the vagina a soft feel.

·      Due to the fragrant and pleasant smell of jasmine, it also perfumes the sensitive area.

·      The vagina is cleansed after the menstruation period.

·      It helps reduce secretions that may cause infections in this area.

·      It can be used before practicing the marital relationship, it facilitates it, and the accompanying tension is removed as well.

·      Finally cleans the vagina of all the fungi accumulated in it.


Jasmine oil side effects

Secrets of jasmine oil for Eve exclusive

    One of the most common side effects of jasmine oil is an allergic reaction to the skin. Some people may have sensitive skin to oils.

Before applying jasmine oil to the vagina, the oil should be applied to a small area of ​​the body as a kind of experiment, to monitor whether the body has an allergic reaction to it or not.


If there is sensitivity and irritation, it is not preferable to use jasmine oil on the skin, especially on the sensitive area.


Ø Important Notes


When dealing with the sensitive area, we must always remember that we are dealing with an area whose skin is very thin and sensitive, so we must be careful when exposing it to types of industrial or natural products, in order to prevent side effects in it, and these notes must be taken into account:


ü Jasmine oil should not be used internally without taking the advice of a doctor.

ü Jasmine oil must be diluted before using it on the sensitive area.

ü It can be diluted with one of the carrier oils: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, or avocado oil.


     Darkening of sensitive areas may be a real problem for women, which they always seek to solve.

Some of them resort to high-cost industrial products, and some of them rely on natural products, which is definitely the best solution. As follows, we offer you the best natural recipe for lightening the dark sensitive area, as jasmine oil is an essential ingredient in it.


Ø Recipe ingredients 

·      One tablespoon of Vaseline (small size).

·      ½ teaspoon of sodium carbonate.

·      One tablespoon of starch (small size).

·      ½ teaspoon of baby powder.

·      ½ teaspoon of jasmine oil.


Ø How to prepare the recipe


·      Mix all the above ingredients according to their respective standards, mixing well.

·      We put the mixture in a sterilized container, then put it in the three to cool completely.

·      Then we rub the vagina with a small amount of the mixture.

·      Leave the mixture on the sensitive area for at least two hours.

·      Then we wash the sensitive area from the mixture, then dry it so that it does not get infections.

·          Finally, we put on cotton underwear.


    Here we must mention the reasons for the darkening of the sensitive area

Methods of lightening the sensitive area are common among women, but most of them are aware of what caused the darkening in that area in the first place. The reasons that lead to the darkening of this area can be summarized in the following points:


·      Sweating in the sensitive area may cause it to darken.

·      Lack of vaginal moisture, which is one of the most common causes of darkening of the sensitive area.

·      Layers of dead skin accumulate there.

·      Get rid of pubic hair by using a razor, or a hair removal cream.

·      Hormonal imbalance (it is recommended to consult a doctor in this case).

·      Finally, having diseases, such as: diabetes mellitus, or fungal infection.

The benefits of jasmine oil for the skin and body, making sensitive areas light and making them smell pleasant, natural recipes to lighten the sensitive area, and what are the harms

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