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nervousness in women



nervousness in women 

nervousness in women

Causes of excess nervousness in women

nervousness in women

    There are many causes of nervousness and anger that both men and women share, but there are several reasons that are specific to women alone, the most important of which are the following:


1.                       Hormonal imbalance:


   Hormonal imbalance in women can occur for many different and varied physical reasons, such as: diabetes, hyperthyroidism, polycystic ovaries, and other reasons, such as: malnutrition and insomnia, which raises levels of nervousness and anger.


2.                       Premenstrual Syndrome:


 Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) leads to irritability and mood swings that precede menstruation by a week or two, and it is very common in females, as it occurs for 90% of them, and includes a group of symptoms, such as: headache, fatigue, bad mood, anxiety, and crying Easily, flatulence in the abdomen, and the occurrence of constipation or diarrhea.


3.                       Premenstrual dysphoric disorder:


Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which occurs in 5% of females of childbearing age, causes severe outbursts of anger, anxiety and depression.


     A study conducted by Raymond Digiosippi, head of the Department of Psychology at Saint John University in New York on 1,300 people aged 18-90 years, indicates that the degrees of anger vary between men and women, and there are differences in the way they are exposed to anger.


      Men deal with anger more impulsively and aggressively. They often have a vindictive motive for anger, and women are less aggressive but more resentful and remain angry for a relatively longer period, using what is called indirect aggression, which may lead to the inability to talk to the anger again, Several studies have proven that anger and the differences in its degrees between the sexes gradually decrease with age.


Ø How to contain a woman when angry:

nervousness in women

Some psychological and physical causes beyond a person’s control lead to excessive anger and nervousness.


A woman can be contained when she feels angry by several things, including the following:


1)                    Help her relax:

nervousness in women

     An angry woman can be calmed and helped to relax in several ways, the most important of which is to go to a quiet and comfortable place, ask her to sit upright, enter the deep breathing exercise through the nose several times.


    repeat the process of inhalation and exhalation for at least 5 minutes, and she can also be advised to listen to calm music and conduct Some exercises to relieve stress, and give her a feeling of happiness and activity, which positively affects her mood.


2)                    Support her:

nervousness in women

An angry woman can be calmed by supporting and supporting her by telling her that she is not alone, asking her what can be done for her, trying to find out the cause of her anger and offering to help her and relieving her of the burden, even if temporarily. You can also joke with her to draw a smile on her face and adjust her mood.


3)                    listen to it:

nervousness in women

You should listen to the woman only when she is ready to talk about her pain or the problem that was the cause of her anger, and avoid trying to push her to talk about it, or trying to fix the problem before she asks for it, as it is important to focus attention on the woman herself.


refrain from expressing any opinion or judgment Before she finishes talking, by smiling only and making head nods that indicate listening to her so that she feels interested in her speech, and you must make eye contact with her, turn around to face her, and make the feet uncrossed.


4)                    Solve the problem:

nervousness in women

    It should be avoided starting to solve the problem before the woman herself asks for advice or help in solving it, and it is possible to start by clearly defining the problem, knowing what is going on in her head and its goals.

    Make a list of a set of possible solutions that can satisfy her and achieve its goals, and write down the pros and cons of each solution then Present it to her and allow her to make the decision she sees fit without interfering with it.


5)                    Show her affection:

nervousness in women

 Physical contact, such as embracing a woman, patting her on her back, or holding her hand, is one of the methods that provide her with comfort, reduce stress, and improve her mood.


6)                    Self-control:

nervousness in women

The counseling center at Eastern Washington University advises controlling emotions while calming an angry woman, maintaining composure, and trying to calm herself before starting to calm her down, even if there is a logical explanation, it can be postponed until she finishes her anger, as there is no point in Provide any explanation or excuse during her tantrum.


7)                    Apologizing to her:

nervousness in women

A woman can be apologized if her anger was caused by a contrary act on the part of the person, as it can be explained to her about the reason for this act, and that perhaps this person was not thinking rationally at that moment, causing her unintentionally anger, and assuring her that this problem will not pass Without solving it and satisfying it, and making promises to it that it will not happen again.