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The real mean for The beauty


The real mean for The beauty 

 Beauty :

  Beauty is one of the relative matters that differ from one person to another, as it differs from one culture to another. Each view has its own point of view on this topic. Beauty is in the eye of its head, but it can be said that there are many attributes that many people agree on.
  whenever there are more of these characteristics in a woman, they are described as beautiful, and some of the criteria and characteristics of beauty common to people will be presented.

Types of beauty :

When talking about beauty, it is possible to refer to two aspects: physical beauty, and inner beauty, while physical beauty is beauty that a person realizes with his senses in general, while inner beauty can be said to be more general and more comprehensive than physical beauty, and in its content carries seminal meanings and values, such as honesty, and morals Good cream, values ​​of love and good.

1-Physical beauty 

Some people may wonder why some people seem prettier and more attractive than others. Science has tried to explain this by ordering symmetry. Science has found that it is the symmetrical faces, that is, the right side of the face is equal to the one that is more attractive, and beautiful than people who do not fit their faces are on both sides. As for the ideal body, knowledge has emerged that the beautiful body of women is the ratio of the waist to the hip 7:10, and in men, the ratio between the waist and hip is 9:10.

2-Inner beauty :

True beauty comes from the inner sense of beauty, for a woman must feel and believe that she is beautiful.
so all women are beautiful, so a woman should not wait for someone who sees her beautiful until she believes so, she must feel this in her external appearance and from her inner feeling, and these are the characteristics of true attractive beauty:

  • Beautiful women see beauty in others, appreciate people more than material things, and do not exploit people or judge them with bad characteristics, but rather help them if they need help with mercy and humility.
  • The beautiful takes care of herself and her outward appearance, not because he is the most important thing she has, but because caring for herself shows her belief and love for herself.
  • The beautiful woman appreciates and respects her body, so she performs some sports activiti and she eats healthy food, not because she wants to have a certain body shape, but rather because she keeps the health and strength of her body.
  • The beautiful woman wears clothes that reflect her personality and puts on makeup that shows the beauty of her face, so her clothes are not only dependent on fashion, and she does not make makeup like a mask to hide the true features of her face.
  • The beautiful woman walks poise, her back straight, her head is high off the ground, shaking hands well and firmly, she walks and shook hands politely.
  • The beautiful cares about the interests of others and their conditions welcome them with her eyes, smiles a real warm smile, and sympathizes with the people around her so that her concern is not selfishly focused on herself.
  • The beautiful woman surrounds herself with friends who know her and are true to her, but she does not keep the rest of the people from her life but rather treats them kindly.
  • The beautiful woman shows virtuous morals, forgiving those who committed a mistake against her, not because they were right, but because she does not make the feud overwhelm her and her feelings.
  • The beautiful woman faces difficult life circumstances with courage and wisdom.
  • The Beautiful women have a sense of humor, but they are serious in situations that require seriousness.
  • The beautiful is ambitious in achieving her dreams and appreciates her feelings and the things she likes to do.
  • The beautiful appreciates the value of the kind word, so she says it to the people she loves and those around them.
  • The beautiful is strong and brave, but she is not cruel and cold in her feelings, she admits that she needs love and help.
  • Beautiful, honest, looking for honesty, and appearances do not deceive her.
  • The beautiful do not let others discourage her spirits, or hinder her as a stumbling block in her path, and does not depend on people accepting her or her behavior.
  • The beauty woman sees and values ​​beauty in nature and in art and music.
  • The beautiful woman does not control the people around her but leaves the space for them to behave as they are, and when they need help, you love them.
  • The beautiful is a good listener, she listens to people and shares them talking without any worries.

The traits that make women less beautiful :

 After knowing the characteristics that make a woman really beautiful, it is necessary to know the characteristics that make a woman less beautiful and attractive even if she possesses an external beauty, and the woman may not know what makes her unbeautiful and unattractive.
 If the woman finds some of these characteristics that are present with her, then it is time Time for a change, here are a few attributes to learn about:
  • Self-indulgence, which means that the woman who takes care of herself only, and everything she talks about is herself.
  • Focus on her physical beauty and outward appearance, and her disregard for inner beauty and spiritual beauty.
  • Constant competition to others, this woman always has to be the best and ignores the accomplishments of the people around her.
  • Looking at friends as enemies and not allies, she isn't  interested in them and what is happening with them, and they quarrel with them constantly, and She may betray them.
  • Always doubt how important she is to others, and that she does not get the attention she deserves.
  • She loves to control who surrounds her.
  • She isn't honest, and lie about everything.
  • Being rude in behaviors, not being polite, and behaving in a humiliating manner.
  •  Exploiter who depends on others when she needs help and does not help others when they need her. 
  • The pessimistic woman views things negatively