moz The most important 8 tips for the immune system
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The most important 8 tips for the immune system


The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

The most important 8 tips  for the immune system 

 Immune system 

The immune system is one of the body’s systems necessary for the survival of the human being. Without it, the body becomes vulnerable to attack by viruses, parasites, bacteria, and other pathogens.

 In fact, the immune system includes a complex network of different types of proteins, cells, and tissues scattered throughout the body.So it is able to differentiate between its own body tissues and foreign tissues that do not belong to it to rid the body of it.

 It is worth noting that each type of cell plays a unique role in a different way that enables it to identify problems and communicate with other cells. And it should be noted that understanding all the details related to the immune network in the body enables researchers to improve the immune response to face specific problems that the body is exposed to starting from infection and ending with cancer.

 With the recent spread of Coronavirus (or Covid-19) disease, the health of the immune system and the health of the body as a whole has become one of the concerns of individuals, so maintaining the health of the immune system is necessary to strengthen its defenses against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

8 tips to strengthen the immune system

It is possible to reduce the chance of infection with viruses and influenza by maintaining the health and safety of the immune system in the body and to achieve this it is recommended to follow a number of methods that contribute to strengthening the immune system:
The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

Constant washing of hands 

Depending on the studies of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making sure that the hands are clean is one of the best means by which the body can be prevented from diseases, which requires attention to washing hands well using warm soapy water for 20 seconds, whether before eating or while preparing it , Or after using the toilet, after coughing, sneezing, or touching public surfaces.

 what is really surprising is the truth that microbiologists have found the parts that contain the most germs in public places, which include the handles of shopping carts, And menus provided by  Restaurants, and what should be pointed out is that there are fewer fears about exposure to germs abroad if the individual is in good health and does not suffer from diseases that weaken his immune system and make his body vulnerable to infection.

In this case, the idea of taking care and caution, and washing your hands well before eating, should not be overlooked, in addition to taking the necessary precautions in the home, especially in the case of a sick child or person, and ensuring that pots are not shared between family members while emphasizing the importance of washing Hands down.
The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

Ensure that the body gets vitamins

Consumption of vitamins contributes to enhancing the strength of the immune system, especially vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E .

By focusing on the most important vitamins in this area, it must be pointed out that vitamin C, which may result in a lack of it in the body, a number of diseases, such as Scurvy, and to ensure that the body gets its need of vitamin C.

 it is recommended to eat citrus fruits, such as oranges, spinach, and grapefruit. Grapefruit and strawberries. Supplements that contain multiple vitamins can also be taken after consulting a doctor, but natural sources are best.
The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

Eating healthy food

 Eating a balanced, healthy diet rich in antioxidants is essential to maintain the functions of the immune system in the body. These foods may help build white blood cells that fight infection, restore damaged cells, and get everything the body needs to protect itself against disease and infection.

 Besides, it is advised to refrain from drinking alcohol that may cause disturbances in the immune system, and increase the risk of exposure to pulmonary infection.
The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

Reducing stress levels

 Studies have shown that stress causes the body's immune system to be suppressed, and makes it vulnerable to infection, and this may be due to the fact that chronic stress affects the ability of white blood cells to fight infection.

 This makes the body vulnerable to disease, and besides, that tension is accompanied by the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which promotes the occurrence of inflammation in the body, which is the precursor to a number of diseases that affect the body.
The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

 Doing exercise

 It is advised to exercise about half an hour daily to achieve the greatest benefit from them, it can help to increase the strength of the defense system in the body.

It's not only that, exercise may reduce tension, and make the body less vulnerable to osteoporosis and heart disease, and specific types of cancer.This does not necessarily mean intense exercise, as simple exercises such as walking, bike riding, swimming, and yoga can be done.
The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

 Sleeping long enough

 An adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night. To achieve this, he must adhere to a schedule that sets the time for going to sleep, as well as refraining from drinking alcohol or caffeine drinks before the regular bedtime.

Make sure the bedroom remains cold, and interest in the exercise activity during the day, and thus can get enough time to relax at the end of the day, the lack of sleep contributes to the weakening of the immune system in the body, thus weakening its ability to fight diseases.
The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

Quitting Smoking
Using smoking and tobacco are among the risk factors for a number of health problems as a result of the weak immune system, such as asthma, lung cancer, heart attack, and stroke, so it must be noted that it is necessary to avoid the use of tobacco and any substance that weakens the immune system in the body.

There are many strategies that help an individual to quit smoking. The doctor may recommend the use of a nicotine patch, antidepressants, or any of the other treatments that facilitate smoking cessation.

Sun exposure

 Sunlight stimulates vitamin D in the skin, which is a vitamin found in a very small number of foods, and its low level in the body is linked to an increased risk of respiratory infections, and to ensure that the body has a sufficient amount of sunlight it is recommended that it be exposed to its radiation for a period of 10-15 minutes in Summer days.
The most important 8 tips  for the immune system

 Psychological comfort and strengthening social relationships.

 Strengthening social ties and laughter have  an important role in strengthening the immune system, as some studies have shown the ability to laugh and positivity in life to increase the production of hormones that help reduce stress and tension, Which plays an important role in increasing the production of white blood cells, which have a great role in strengthening the immune system.