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Make sure if you are in love


Make sure if you are in love 

Love in psychology

Poets, writers, scholars, and philosophers differed in determining the meaning of love, but alot of people agree with who say that love plays an important role in both the physical, psychological and mental aspects.

 as love is defined in psychology as a set of feelings, behaviors, and complex beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, Protection, warmth, relaxation, and respect for another person.

There is no definite definition of love as some define it as the desire to prioritize the happiness of another person, or intense feelings of attachment, passion, need, and sudden feelings of attraction and respect.

 Love can also be defined as a passing emotion of care, passion, or choosing to commit to helping, respecting and caring for another person and caring for him, as in marriage or when having children, as love comes from courtesy and passion towards the beloved , and in the end it develops Into romantic attachment and based on a kind of profound concern. psychologist John Lee has defined love as consisting of affection, affection, fun, and pleasure.
Make sure if you are in love

Signs of love for a man in psychology

 There are some signs in psychology that a man falls in love, including the following:
  •  Optical communication: As the eyes are considered the window of the soul, researchers have discovered that when a person feels in love, his eyes are attracted to his beloved 's face, focuses his eyes on the beloved and watches his actions by looking at him at length..
Make sure if you are in love
  •  Laughter: As studies indicated that the higher the level of laughter between spouses, the indicates the extent of their understanding and happiness with each other.

  •  You always find the word (we) in the speech: One of the clearest signs that a man when he falls in love is that he shares stories with his lover or discusses plans with her, he uses the word  (we ) instead of his (I).
Make sure if you are in love

  • Planning for the future: It's One of themost remarkable  signs of a man's love for a woman is making future plans for their lives with each other and introducing them to his family and friends, and that proves that she has become part of his life and that she has become his family.

  • Focusing on the positive qualities of the beloved: Men tend to think about the positive qualities of their loved ones and focus on them and overlook the positive qualities.
Make sure if you are in love

  •  Mood swings: Falling in love is known to cause happiness, tension, insomnia, loss of appetite, trembling, panic, and feelings of sadness even in the simplest of problems with the lover.

  •  Sympathy for the beloved: whether with his sadness or his joy, always standing by his side and sympathy.

  •  Changing habits and goals: He changes his habits and goals to suit and satisfy the loved one.
Make sure if you are in love

Signs of love for a woman in psychology

  Unlike a man, a woman tries to hide her feelings when she falls in love, but her body language usually exposes her, and through some behaviors and signs that indicate that she falls in love we can know the truth of her feelings, by these signs :

  • A smile without a reason: studies have shown that women who smile in the face of a certain man without any logical reason for a smile, show that this girl loves this man, and she wants to get closer to him.The study showed that the girl who laughs loudly in a dialogue between her and a man who admires him also a sign of love for her, as the woman feels comfortable and happy, which is where she creates a constant feeling of laughter.

  • Paying attention to her appearance : Attention to the appearance of a woman is considered one of the most important signs of her falling in love, as she always tries to appear in the best look to grab the attention of her love, and arouses his admiration.

  • Paying Attention to small details: The woman's attention to the smallest details and matters that the man cares and loves is a strong evidence of her love for him, and this will be clear when you follow all the things that he talks about and do not forget.
    Make sure if you are in love

Other signs of love . 

  • It is necessary to understand the nature of feelings in order to deal with them in a correct way, as there are other signs indicating being in love, including the following:

  •  Feeling happy when Providing help to the loved one without waiting for something in return, as the lover consider  his happiness as the happiness of the one he loves, so he always tries to provide help even if it is not needed.
  •  Excessively thinking about the beloved and what he does all the time, despite being preoccupied with him, but the mind always thinks about it.
  • Paying attention to the opinions of the beloved, and always taking his advice.
Make sure if you are in love

  •  Trying to change the self for the better, developing it and treating faults to please the beloved and stay around to make him happy. 
  • Giving without waiting for return, since love is giving, whoever loves gives without limits. 
  • Spontaneity and showing the true personality, where the person shows his true personality in front of the person he loves without the need for artificiality and false conversations, feels comfortable and expresses his feelings and thoughts freely.
  •  Seeing the beloved as a unique person, when falling in love a person begins to see his beloved as an unparalleled person and unique, in addition to not feeling the passion towards any other person, the romantic feeling is limited to the beloved only.
Make sure if you are in love

  •  Planning for the future, as people who have entered into an emotional relationship also tend to weave and visualize the future and its events, where the loving person want to emotionally unite with he loves, so much time is spent thinking or even daydreaming about staying with the beloved, It is also worth noting that the motivation to stay with a partner can be matched with the needs of survival in a person, such as: the need for food, drink, and sleep.
  •  making change, a person may go out of his habit to delight the person he loves or to try to create the opportunity to meet or talk to him, and the daily plan may be changed in a moment just to be able to see the beloved for half an hour, for example, and circumstances may be exploited and opportunities created to surprise and delight the beloved .
Make sure if you are in love

  • The desire to spend time with the beloved, as the person's desire to spend time with the beloved is one of the main factors that determine whether he loves him or not, as indicated by the success of the relationship in the long run; although the lover may be related to work, to the family, and  Other obligations, but this does not prevent him from allocating time to spend with the person he loves.
  •   Respect the different opinions. Recent research has shown that it is possible to form a long-term love relationship between two people who differ in views, as love makes the lover able to respect the opinions of his loved one.