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Find out how someone thinks easily


Find out how someone think easily

find out how someone think easily

body language

 The man shows what he hides from internal thoughts through the appearance of some physical movements, or what psychologists call physical gestures and suggestions, which are involuntary movements issued by the person that can be controlled some of them, and others cannot be hidden or avoided its appearance, as it is easily recognized by those who have Knowledge of human body language.

This body language is a modern language of communication-based on the movements and expressions of the body that help the individual to communicate with others in non-verbal ways.

 The unconscious movements of a person’s body are visible signs of his inner feelings, and the science of body language has many benefits for the individual who mastered this science And practicing it.

 with this knowledge, others can be understood while talking to them, through the physical terms that appear to them, during their conversation, as this science increases the ability of a person to communicate effectively with others when talking to them and understanding of the involuntary movements which emanating from them.
 It is allowed for a person to explains the feelings issued by others according to the rules and principles studied, and if they try not to reveal their feelings or show the opposite

find out how someone think easily

 The importance of body language

Specialists in this science see that the difficulty of communicating with others is not in a person's own behavior as much as his lack of attention and awareness of the messages received from others he addresses. 

 As for the specialist in the science of the body, it scrutinizes the eyesight, and it is observed with careful examination of the parts of the human body that many believe are not the subject of observation or concern.

When a person forgets these organs and does not pay attention to what may come from them, they move subconsciously to speak and tell us what their owner hides, it speaks by its own language (body language). 
find out how someone think easily

 Body language may differ from one place to another and from one  community to another. What works for people in one environment may not be appropriate for people in other parts of the world. 
For example, if a person’s work requires him to travel to other countries, he must be aware And know the customs of those regions and states, and the way they deal with each other through physical movements issued by the person.

 He may make certain movements or gestures from which he was only meant for good, so the other party explains them as abuse or an expression of anger, or a source of inconvenience and discomfort, such as placing the hand On one of the arms when shaking hands or behind the shoulder, In which the handshake expresses friendship or congratulations on something, but this movement has another explanation; it makes the person feel uncomfortable in certain areas, such as Japan, the United States of America, England, and Canada.
find out how someone think easily

Involuntary movements have psychological meanings

 Some people make gestures and suggestions on a daily routine without realizing the meaning of these movements, or what are their dimensions and psychological effects, and the reasons that led to their existence.

 psychologists believe that 60% of cases of communication between people take place in the way of gestures, and physical symbols, not Orally, as many people think ( by speaking and tongue).

 They also see that these gestures have a powerful effect that exceeds the effect of words five times, and among the big mistakes that most people make, they ignore the movements of the body, its languages, and its meanings, and focus on understanding what it speaker says in front of them.
find out how someone think easily

 They strive to read the ideas and analyze the words that were said in front of them, Among these physical gestures and overtones that have significance and significance of the following

  • When a person touches his face while talking, this action is related to lying, and the same applies when touching the nose.
  •  Rub the fingers of the hand as a sign of discomfort, so if a person talks to another person and notices that he is rubbing his fingers or pinning them, this indicates that he is uncomfortable, tense, or anxious for any reason, and this hand movement that was issued from him - which psychologists call contact Subjectivity - it is a situation that is issued by the person to obtain some relief, and if this movement comes from the speaker, it is evidence of his confusion, and he must avoid it and avoid it in situations that require him to have self-confidence.
  • Touching or rubbing the ear is an indication of the listener's doubting the speaker's words and the nature of the thing that is said in front of him, and rubbing the ear, nose, or chin while speaking with the words I have understood you indicate the lack of understanding.
  • The tangle of arms and slowed eyes movement indicates the listener's boredom in front of him, or it may indicate disapproval.
  •  If the two thumbs are attached for the speaker, then this indicates that he is characterized by the characteristics of rationality, generosity, and culture, and he can adapt to the general conditions.
  • Opening hands, this type of gesture indicates honesty and submission.
  •  The appearance of the hardened arms indicates that the person is in a negative defense condition.
  • Eye gestures, which are one of the most important things that psychologists rely on reading and analyzing body language because it is difficult for a person to control it voluntarily, especially when the eyes meet and see them directly. Among these suggestions is the expansion of the pupil of the eye, which indicates the happiness of the person with what he sees or hears, And the opposite is true; the narrow pupil of the eye indicates his sadness and misery.
  • Extending the speed and standing stature while walking and raising the head when walking, all of which are signs of the strength of the personality, greatness, attractiveness, and confidence of the person himself.
  •  The person rubbing his eye while talking indicates that the person disagrees with the speaker.
  • The person put one or both hands on his neck during the dialogue, this indicates that the person began to be convinced of the words in front of him, and began to give up his position.
find out how someone think easily

 Sections of body acts

 Acts issued by the body can be divided into the following:

  1. Acts that are created with a person upon birth and these acts are shared by all people regardless of their linguistic affiliation.
  2.  Acquired acts and these acts are discovered by man himself, which are personal acts.
  3.  Acquired acts, which the person learns unconsciously, and the environment around the person plays a role in the existence of these acts.
  4.  Training acts and these acts are consciously learned by the person, so he learns them and teaches them to others, and the surrounding environment also plays a role in their existence.
  5. Mixed acts, which appear to be learned or training acts for others, or for others to be verified and others as acts.