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The effect of colors on the psychological state



The effect of colors on the psychological state


     The psychological effect of color has a number of different interpretations in psychology. Let's navigate here in the wonderful world of colors, as it is a special and attractive world where everything is beautiful. We will also shed light on the psychology of color, in addition to the association of feelings with colors, and the psychological impact of violet, black, red, blue and other colors.


color studies

The effect of colors on the psychological state1

    Some view color as a personal matter, and it varies between people. On the other hand, many researches, experiments, and studies of colors have been conducted based on procedures, questionnaires, tests and observation, all of which proved that color has a significant impact on the psychological aspect.


    There is a consensus on many color connotations that most people are aware of, and which confirm the high power of colors in our lives.

Are feelings related to colors?


Many psychological studies have proven that there is a close relationship between color and emotions. However, this varies from person to person around the world, according to different cultures and environments, customs and traditions, gender, age and degree of education.



One person can be happy about a certain color while being uncomfortable for another. Furthermore it; Past experiences and childhood memories have a great psychological impact on the attraction or dislike of colour. For example, seeing blood in a traffic accident in a child may create a negative impression on him towards the color red. Also, the color of a child's favorite toy when he is young, may always be loved by him.



Ø The psychological effect of the color purple


The effect of colors on the psychological state1

Violet or purple, the color of wisdom, contemplation, reflection, imagination and spirituality, is called the “royal color”, so it denotes power, strength, wealth, reverence and respect. While it may sometimes symbolize loneliness and coldness. As for the light violet, it brings comfort and calm, and some psychiatric clinics and medical centers use it. Some cosmetic companies also use the color purple to display their products in a luxurious and distinctive way. Generally, companies use it to highlight their high-quality products.


The historical story of the association of this color with kings goes back to the time of the Phoenicians, when the purple pigment was rare in nature, expensive and laborious to obtain. Only the kings and the wealthy were able to buy fabrics or necessities of this color.



In Brazil and Thailand, the color purple is considered a sign of mourning and death. Whereas in the United States of America, the Purple Heart is a military decoration or award considered one of the highest honors.


Ø The effect of the color white on the psyche


The effect of colors on the psychological state1

White has many meanings, all of which fall into the category of calm and comfort. It denotes peace, purity, safety, benevolence, tolerance, and sincerity, as well as tranquility, joy and love. All of these are endearing and comfortable qualities, so the bride wears the white dress. The color of the doctors' robe is also white, to calm the souls and give them hope for recovery.


White is the color of cleanliness and purity, the innocence of children. The sign of the new beginning, it is said white beginning or white days.



 White exudes a sense of youth, modernity and simplicity. On the other hand, if the place is white, large and spacious, without furniture in harmony, it will reflect monotony and boredom. On the other hand, white in some countries symbolizes death, mourning or bad luck, such as Korea, Japan and China.


Ø The effect of the color red on the psychological

The effect of colors on the psychological state1

Psychological effect of the color red, symbol of love and emotions (red roses), movement, activity, energy and motivation. It is also the color of blood, fire, revolution, anger, courage and strength. It is a clear and eye-catching color, so it is used in traffic lights, limiting speed on the roads, stop and danger signs, fire trucks, sirens, and the teacher corrects students’ notebooks. So it is a warning color par excellence.


In addition to that, it is the color of competition, and we see it in the brands of many restaurants (McDonald's, Kentucky, Pizza Hut), it encourages eating and increases the appetite for food, as well as inspires the employees enthusiasm.



On the other hand, it is the color of excellence and power. The red carpet is dedicated to dignitaries and celebrities, and the tie of businessmen is red. Use red in balance without overdoing it, so as not to lead to the opposite result, in creating tension and eye fatigue.


Ø Psychological effect of orange

The effect of colors on the psychological state1

Enthusiasm, energy, fun, radiance, vitality, vigor, happiness. Beautiful sunset color and delicious refreshing orange. It is the symbol of autumn.


It contributes to drawing attention (one of the colors of the traffic light), and sometimes it may be the clothing of workers in a country (cleaners or construction workers).


It is a color that increases appetite, so we find it in fast food restaurants, and in some food packaging. Suitable for encouraging people to buy a product, or subscribe to a topic.


Ø The psychological effect of the color black


The effect of colors on the psychological state1

It is the dark color devoid of light, the symbol of darkness and the darkness of prisons and death, the black night is the long sad.



The dress of sadness in most Arab countries is black, its darkness suggesting sadness and melancholy. Some may interpret it as a sign of strength, daring, professionalism, and mystery, as it symbolizes evil. It is seen in the business world as the color of control and control, and we note that the robe of managers in high positions is often black formal suits.


As well as the interpretation of some people who love black cars, it is a sign of luxury and distinction. Black graduation dress (mental strength), black karate belt (physical strength), black judges dress (prestige). There are some common words in societies that have a negative psychological impact on the color black.



Among them, we mention, black day, black magic, black hole, black plague, black market, blackness of heart, black mood, black-glasses person (gloomy and pessimistic).