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The benefits of isolation



The benefits of isolation


The benefits of isolation

     The benefits of isolation are many, but few of us realize it. Did you even sit for a few minutes in solitude with yourself without feeling lonely? If you don't, you've missed out on a lot. Because social isolation is the only opportunity to discover your identity, develop it, and change your bad qualities. It is also necessary to develop your spiritual side and strengthen your relationship with God.


So what are the benefits of isolation?


The benefits of isolation

Ø Inner focus is the most important benefit of solitude

        Undoubtedly, humans are social beings. But a little isolation is inevitable in order to achieve one of the most important benefits or benefits of solitude, which is inner focus, i.e., focus on oneself.       


     Thus, discovering its features, secrets, and priorities, in addition to charting its own path and vision without being affected by human patterns and opinions.


     The concept of isolation in psychology is based on calm and stillness, which makes your brain in a state of rest, which cannot be achieved when someone is next to you, because this pushes you to mental wandering.


      Thus, in the absence of this distraction, daydreaming activates the “default network”, a region in the brain that helps you understand your feelings and the feelings of others, in long-term focus, in strengthening memory, in remembering the past, in thinking about the virtual present and visualizing the future.


       In other words, periods of isolation help you when you socialize with people, and prepare you to be more understanding of other people's feelings and differing opinions, and more sympathetic to their conditions.


       Which makes your relationship with them more deep and solid. Being alone also makes you more aware of yourself and your feelings, which increases your physical and intellectual productivity.


Ø isolation helps boost creativity

The benefits of isolation

        Initially, Gregory Feist, a creative psychologist at Saint Jose University in California, defined creativity as thinking or activity based on originality and utility.


        He also saw that creativity is linked to openness to new experiences and ideas on the one hand, and independence or lack of interest in social interaction on the other. In a clearer sense, one of the benefits of social isolation is the promotion of creative thinking, through focusing on work, reflection and foresight.


       In addition, there are three types of social isolation: shyness, unwillingness to socialize, and a natural tendency to be alone. Dr. Bowker and her colleagues indicated, for the first time in a recent paper, that creativity is linked to a tendency to loneliness and an unwillingness to socialize. This is in contrast to previous research that stated that lack of social contact can lead to psychological damage.


Ø Mental health is one of the benefits of social isolation

The benefits of isolation

          In Fest's view, “Almost all things can be adaptive. And any disorder can be caused by a malfunction. If one cuts off contact with people and stops caring for them, this could indicate a pathological neglect of social relations.


     But the creative lack of mingling is completely different.” It is also very difficult to achieve relaxation, self-awareness and reflection on life unless you practice social isolation from time to time.


    In addition, introverts have fewer but stronger friendships, which makes them happier. They focus on quality, not quantity, in relationships and on many other things.


     Regular social relations are evidence of their choice of isolation away from compulsion, and their freedom to determine the nature of these relations. This is good and comfortable for them, as there is no need to change the nature of their introverted personality.


        So, isolation has a mental health benefit. Researchers have discovered that feeling lonely can strengthen parts of the brain responsible for memories, future planning and imagination.


The importance of solitude in developing the spiritual side

The benefits of isolation

       Being alone gives you wisdom, that is, the ability to control all aspects of your life. This protects you from anger, surrender, and submission to human whims and self-injustice, and helps you achieve success.


         How can you strengthen your relationship with the Creator if you are preoccupied with Him by the crowded life, running after everything and not even having time to catch your breath? Let go of this crowding spread in all the details of your life, in your phone, your closet, your home and your thoughts.


     Take a safe distance between you and the world in order to develop the spiritual aspect in your life, because it is the basis in all your dealings with yourself and with people.


       Solitude is not hard to come by. Sure, you can take a five-minute solitude to yourself to start with, and gradually build up to a longer period of time. And to seize an important and necessary opportunity for self-development and improving all aspects of life. But beware of prolonged isolation, as it may cause you to have hallucinations or other mental disturbances.