moz You always feel hungry come in to find out why
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You always feel hungry come in to find out why


What is the cause of constant hunger?

You always  feel hungry  come in to find out why

      The feeling of hunger is one of the natural ways in which the body expresses its need for food, and it may be accompanied by a sound from the stomach, or a feeling of empty stomach, or a person may lose his ability to focus, or have a headache, and may lead to an increase in appetite, A person eats more than his body needs, which may result in weight gain and obesity, and increased appetite is normal in some cases, such as increased appetite that is felt after exercising, or some other activities. This indicates that there is a problem in the nature of eating or the components of meals, or a health or psychological problem, or a number of other different reasons, so it is worth consulting a doctor in case of persistent hunger, which is medically called Hyperphagia.


Reasons for constant hunger:


There are many different reasons that may lead to a feeling of constant hunger, including the following:


1.               Diabetes:

     The body converts the sugars in food into glucose, which is the sugar that the cells of the body benefit from in the production of energy.


There are a number of other symptoms that may indicate diabetes, such as the frequent need to urinate, feeling very thirsty, feeling tired and tired.


2.               Hyperthyroidism:

The production of excessive amounts of thyroid hormones leads to increased feelings of hunger, and other symptoms that may accompany this condition include increased sweating, rapid heartbeat, and muscle weakness.


3.             Some types of medicine:

    Taking some types of medications may lead to appetite and feeling hungry more than usual, and these medications include antipsychotics, antidepressants, corticosteroids, and some medications used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Diabetes, such as insulin, and medications that increase insulin secretion in the body.

4.               psychological problems:


 Some psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or premenstrual syndrome, may increase the feeling of hunger, and severe stress may also increase the feeling of hunger; This is due to the increased secretion of the hormone cortisol.


5.               Not getting enough hours of sleep

You always  feel hungry  come in to find out why

     Obtaining a sufficient number of hours of sleep is one of the basic elements for maintaining health, and one of the basic elements for the functioning of the immune system, and the brain. Sleep disturbance leads to an imbalance of some hormones responsible for feeling full and hungry in the body, such as the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for regulating appetite, and the hormone leptin. It is the hormone responsible for feeling full.


6.               Diet:

    Eating meals that do not contain sufficient amounts of proteins may increase the feeling of hunger, due to the properties of proteins in reducing the feeling of hunger, and there are many different types of foods rich in proteins that can be added to the diet such as fish and dairy products, and eating meals that It does not contain fats, which leads to the speed of feeling hungry, due to the long time that fats need to digest, which helps to feel full for a longer period. Which food needs to cross from the stomach, which helps to delay the feeling of hunger.


7.               pregnancy:

    A woman’s pregnancy may lead to an appetite and an increase in the feeling of hunger, due to the body’s keenness to secure the necessary food for the fetus, which results in the woman’s weight gain in many cases during pregnancy, and other symptoms that may indicate pregnancy are interruption of the menstrual cycle, and a feeling of nausea, An increased desire to urinate.


8.               Not drinking enough water:

 Feeling thirsty may lead to the belief that it is a feeling of hunger in some cases, and drinking a glass of water when feeling hungry may help to get rid of the feeling of hunger, and it is worth noting that obtaining sufficient quantities of water is necessary to maintain general health, and brain health. .


9.               Doing exercise:


Regular intense or prolonged exercise may increase the speed of burning calories in the body, which results in feeling hungry faster, and it is worth noting that moderate exercise may help reduce appetite.



Diagnosis of persistent hunger


It is worth visiting the doctor if the constant feeling of hunger persists for a long time or if it is accompanied by some other symptoms, and the doctor diagnoses the condition through a clinical examination, and notes the changes in the person’s weight. This is through the symptoms that appear on the person, and in the event that the doctor is unable to determine the main cause of persistent hunger, the person may be asked to perform some other diagnostic tests, such as a blood analysis, through which it is possible to detect the presence of a health problem in the thyroid gland, and in the event of the inability to Determine the cause After conducting these various tests, the doctor may refer the person to a psychiatrist to try to determine the cause of persistent hunger.