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Do cats affect a pregnant women


Do cats affect pregnant women?


Cats play an important role in the spread of toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a parasite called jundi toxoblasma, which infects cats by eating rodents, birds, or other small animals, then secretes the parasite in the feces of cats, and cats can secrete millions of Parasites in their feces for 3 weeks after injury, cats prefer garden soil and garbage bins to get rid of their feces, and a person may be exposed to infection when touching cat feces when changing the garbage can without washing hands, or after gardening without gloves, and can The parasite moves to fruits and vegetables from soil or water contaminated with cat feces, then a person can eat fruits and vegetables if they are not cooked or washed, and this article will talk about the effect of cats on the pregnant woman.

The effect of cats on pregnant women

People develop toxoplasmosis only if they absorb the parasite, some may have no symptoms, and in others develop flu-like symptoms, few may suffer from a long-term disease similar to glandular fever and enlarged lymph nodes, and toxoplasmosis is very dangerous during pregnancy because it may harm the fetus.

Pregnant women should take necessary precautions to avoid the effect of cats on the pregnant woman and develop toxoplasmosis, which may be transmitted to her when exposed to the feces of the parasite-carrying cats. When the fetus is infected, the symptoms may be mild or may be very serious, the redemption of the archaic in the unborn child can threaten the life of the child shortly after birth, and most newborns with congenital toxoplasmosis may appear normal at birth, but may appear to them. Signs and symptoms of the disease with age and the effects of toxoplasmosis on embryos include:

  • He could be a fetal killer.
  • It can have serious consequences for surviving embryos on the brain, eyes, heart or lungs.
  • Children born with toxoplasmosis may have delays in mental and physical development and frequent seizures.
  • They may be at higher risk of hearing and vision loss.
  • Some children may have learning difficulties.

Prevention of toxoplasmosis

Once you know the effect of cats on the pregnant woman, be as careful as possible to develop it. Still, the pregnant woman is less likely to develop toxoplasmosis than her cat, and the following recommendations can help cat owners prevent the risk of toxoplasmosis:

  • Avoid eating unheeded meat well.
  • Wash and cook vegetables well.
  • Wash chopping boards and utensils that may be in contact with meat before using them.
  • Gloves should be worn when gardening or when working in the soil for other reasons, and if the gloves are not worn, then your hands should be washed thoroughly afterward.
  • It is preferable for a non-pregnant person to change the garbage can, and when the pregnant woman does this work alone, gloves should be worn and hands washed well afterward.
  • Keep the cat inside.