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7 things to avoid after eating


 7 things to avoid after eating


7 things to avoid after eating



Many people around the world and of different ages suffer from digestive problems, which are indigestion, constipation, gas, and stomach pain, as they are usually the result of wrong eating and behavioral habits, so we will introduce you in this article to seven things that a person should avoid Do it after eating, in order to maintain general health.


7 things to avoid after eating


1-Eating fruits


 Is one of the bad habits that many people do after eating, as fruits are eaten as a kind of sweetener, but this may cause digestive problems such as bloating and stomach pain, so it is preferable to eat them at least an hour after eating.


2-Drinking tea


  This habit is widely spread in Arab countries, where it is noted that tea leaves contain a high percentage of acids that affect the proteins eaten during the day, as they become dry and difficult to digest, in addition to the fact that tea works to break down the iron particles in the body. body, which may lead to some health problems.


3-Loosen the belt of the pants


 Some loosen their belts because of the feeling of fullness of the abdomen after lunch, but this movement would cause a twisting of the intestine and thus cause difficulty in digestion.


4-Swimming and bathing


These activities increase blood flow in the upper and lower extremities and thus weaken it in the abdominal area, which leads to indigestion.


5-Walking and movement


There is a wrong understanding of walking after eating, as there are those who believe that it helps digestion, but this is not true, as it has been found that walking immediately after eating may lead to indigestion.




is one of the most dangerous habits for health, as eating and sleeping directly will lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, and thus the appearance of the rumen, and it may lead to infection and intestinal infections.



 Smoking increases the risk of cancer and serious diseases, as it has been shown that smoking one cigarette after eating is equivalent to ten cigarettes, and it also breaks nutrients so that the body does not benefit from them, and therefore it is advised to relax after eating, and distract oneself for some time.


8-The right way to eat


Divide the three main meals into five or six small meals to prevent indigestion, bloating, and other digestive problems.

Relax, avoiding stress and anxiety triggers; Because this would increase the acids secreted inside the stomach, which would affect the digestion process.

Chew food well, in order to facilitate the digestion process, speed up the swallowing process, and thus maintain the ideal weight.

Chew food well, in order to facilitate the digestion process, speed up the swallowing process, and thus maintain the ideal weight.

Sit for half an hour after you finish eating.

Avoid eating sweets immediately after eating, as they ferment in the stomach, and do not break.

Be sure to eat balanced foods, which contain all the beneficial nutrients, with the need to reduce fats and sugars.