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Best recipes for Appetite



Best recipe for Appetite


Best recipe for Appetite

 What is the Best recipe for Appetite



       Appetite is the desire to eat, and appetite is influenced by several hormones and neurotranslators, where it is classified as inhibitors or triggers of appetite, and also enters the metabolism, appetite is often associated with the desire to eat for its smell or appearance or flavor.

    A key factor that separates appetite from the feeling of hunger, a person may feel full of the meal and still have an appetite for sweets, and appetite may be affected by the increase or decrease of good and bad experiences of food, may affect The content of food on appetite and can appetite be controlled by certain recipes and foods, and what is the best recipe for anorexia?


Ø Causes of increased appetite

         When you want to eat more often or eat more than the body needs and consume it means increased appetite, but when eating more than the body needs to gain weight, it is normal to increase appetite after a physical effort or other activities, but if there is a clear increase in appetite for long periods it may be an indicator of a disease that requires a doctor's review and may be for other reasons and diseases or causes that Lead to increased appetite:

·       Stress or stress.
·       Anxiety.
·       Depression.
·       Pre-menstrual syndrome.
·       Reaction to certain medications such as cortisone medications and antidepressants.
·       Pregnancy. Bulimia.
·       Hyperthyroidism.
·       Graves' disease.
·       Low blood sugar.
·       Diabetes.


Best recipe for Appetite

       Appetite suppressors or anorexia prescriptions may be normal and may be supplements or other treatments, but it is best to use healthy methods and prescriptions to lose or reduce appetite to avoid any risks or side effects resulting from the use of medications, and here is a list of prescriptions and methods all classified as the best prescription for healthy and natural anorexia:


·      Eat more protein and healthy fats:


         Eating protein and fat reduces hunger and inhibits appetite, not all foods give an equal sense of satiety. Fat and protein give a greater sense of satiety and longer periods of carbohydrates, and some carbohydrate sources can be replaced by healthy proteins and fats, such as using low-fat meats, eggs, peas, beans and yogurt as a source of protein and healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil and avocados.

·      Drink water before every meal:


         It is ranked under the list of the best recipe for anorexia because drinking a large glass of water before a meal has been shown to give a better feeling of fullness and reduce hunger after a meal.

·      Eat more fiber-rich foods:

         Fiber is not digested as other foods, staying in the body longer, thus slowing down digestion and giving a full-day feeling of full-day satiety, from foods rich in whole grain fiber, legumes and vegetables.

·      Exercise before meal:

         Exercise is a healthy and effective way to inhibit appetite, as levels of hunger hormones decrease after exercise, especially high-intensity exercises, reduce the level of ghrelin in the body, a hormone responsible for feeling hungry, and the level of saturation-stimulating hormones GLP-1 and PPY increases.

·      Choose dark chocolate:

        Dark chocolate was found to inhibit appetite compared to milk chocolate.


·      Use ginger:

         Eating a small amount of ginger has been found to reduce appetite and increase satiety, possibly because of its digestive stimulating effect, but there are not enough studies and research to confirm its effect and include it in the list of the best recipe for anorexia.

·      Eat foods of large size and low calories:

      A diet based on deprivation is not the best recipe for anorexia and weight loss may have the opposite effect, increase appetite and lead to appetite in eating, so a healthy diet does not mean that food is deprived. Some foods are rich in nutrients and low in calories, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

·      Get rid of stress:

      Eating as a result of anger, sadness or stress is different from feeling hungry, research has linked stress to increased appetite, increased binge-appetite and a desire to eat non-nutritious foods. Mental alertness exercises reduce stress-induced eating, and regular sleep, social networking and relaxation may help reduce stress.

·      Eating fully consciously:

      The brain plays a key role in determining when a person needs food and what they need, focusing when eating a meal without other distractions such as watching TV when eating reduces the amount consumed, and reduces binge eating.


Ø      Appetite suppressors and weight loss


         Appetite suppressors are drugs that work on the body's central nervous system and trick the body into believing that it is not hungry, which can be obtained without the need for a prescription.


      These drugs have a short-term effect, so when you want to reduce and lose appetite for weight loss or to regulate eating habits prefer to resort to healthy methods instead of medications, the best recipe for anorexia is natural prescriptions with physical activities and adherence to a healthy diet, these medications are not considered Health for everyone, there are few studies.


There are no studies to determine their impact on children, and these medications need guidance and prescription from a doctor, because taking them in large quantities or for a long time without a prescription can lead to addiction or overdose. Overdose symptoms include confusion, convulsions, hallucinations and coma, so consulting your doctor is important before taking these medications to identify appropriate medications and dosage and see if those medications are appropriate for a person's health.



Ø Damage to appetite suppressant drugs

          Appetite suppressants are medications used to treat obesity and excess appetite problems, and are not the best recipe for anorexia, they have a short-term effect and cannot be used for long periods, in addition to unwanted side effects and symptoms associated with taking these medications from the accompanying side effects:

• Increase heart rate.

• Insomnia.

• Drowsiness.

• Extreme thirst.

• Rotor.

• Sweating.

• Constipation.

• Increased blood pressure.


The cause of persistent hunger after eating


       Many people feel after eating and eating the meal want to eat sweets or feel hungry after a few periods, due to several reasons some people do not eat enough food during the meal and therefore feel hungry after short periods and it is recommended to these people to eat enough food during the meal, and to stay away from starches in the meal people may feel constant hunger and want to eat sweets after meal because of the lack of blood sugar level, organizing food and not refraining from it categorically Distributing them throughout the day in moderate amounts maintains the level of blood sugar, so resorting to foods that supply energy to the body and good sugars such as fruit yogurt gives the energy and good sugars the body needs and therefore does not resort to sweets rich in simple sugars and fats.