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Your character from your blood type


 Your character from your blood type

Your character from your blood type


 Personal identification by blood type

   It is not possible to be certain of a person’s personality, and his characteristics through his form, rather his personality is recognized through his intercourse with him, but there are qualities related to his personality that can be known through his blood type.


Types of blood 

Blood type O and called the generous and leadership type:


The owners of this blood type are open and extroverted, characterized by activity, generosity and order, very realistic and ambitious, love power, if they want something, they seek it to get it, and if it costs them a high price, they have The ability to focus easily, they hate studying, but they are quick to understand, and they are fond of sports, loyal and emotional, their hearts are gentle and do not know the meaning of hatred, tolerance and do not hold back, worried about matters related to the future.


As for their shortcomings:


They are very aggressive and jealous, get angry quickly, rant a lot, are difficult to handle, always stick to their opinions, are arrogant and arrogant, despise people, procrastinate a lot, and miss out on many great opportunities.


As for the percentage of people with blood type O:


O+ 40%

O-  7%,


Steadfast blood type A:


  The owners of this blood type are rational and realistic, do not rush into their actions, use their mind not their emotions, their hearts are merciful and gentle, they like to enjoy money, travel and roam around the world, they hate gossip, and they like frankness in their conversations, they sacrifice a lot, they are organized, and They love peace and relaxation, are patient, affectionate, sensitive, generous, like to be distinguished from others, balanced and productive, loyal in their love, inclined to marriage and stability.


Their shortcomings are:


very shy and pessimistic, introverted and withdrawn from people when trouble occurs, somewhat slow in performing their duties, self-confident and stubborn.


Percentage of these people: 34% for A+ and 6% for A-


Creative blood type B:


    hate being criticized, have high pride, are very ambitious, do not like to lead, are romantic, are simple in their dreams, are indifferent to other opinions, are indifferent, quickly depressed, are compassionate and flexible, adapt quickly, are quick-witted and witty They are creative and innovative, always want to renew, calm and do not know nervousness, attractive and like to practice meditation, they constantly surprise us with their decisions.


As for their shortcomings:


  they are anarchists, and prefer loneliness and solitude when feeling angry, quickly depressed, disobedient to orders, rebelling against reality.


As for the percentage of their presence among people:

B+ 8% and B- 1%


The stingy and rare blood type AB


 They are  imaginative, loves living in dreams, hates reality, honest and trustworthy, sociable and successful in literature, poetry and art, reluctant to make decisions, very social, and loves to make friends and relationships, strong and cohesive, sensitive At times, their memory is strong and they are rational, getting their work done quickly.


As for their shortcomings:

 they are conservative and clumsy, they find it difficult to make decisions, they are quick to anger and they are messy, they like to be discreet and avoid slander.


As for the percentage of their presence: 3% for AB+ and 1% for AB-


  It is difficult to predict a person's personality traits, but they can be identified by his blood type.

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