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The smartest animal in the world


The smartest animal in the world

The smartest animal in the world



   Millions of organisms live on the planet, and at the highest classification of organisms, the animal kingdom, which is characterized by the possession of most of it by owning the brain, is located. Man is considered one of the finest living beings on the planet, because he is the smartest ever, where man is characterized by reason, acumen, the ability to learn, understand and solve problems, and is able to perceive thoughts and feelings, make tools, and practice the art of tricks.


The human mind is intelligent compared to other creatures, but this does not prevent other animals from enjoying intelligence commensurate with some human characteristics and actions. Here we'll show you the most intelligent animals from the top to the least intelligent:

  • The Chimpanzees 

    Chimpanzees are the smartest animal in the world and rank first in intelligence among all animals, as chimpanzees are a species of monkey living in tropical forests in Africa, originally from the Hominide or so-called "semi-human". Chimpanzees live in caves close to water bodies and are very similar to monkeys but larger and stronger, ranging in length from 130 to 160 cm, and weigh no more than 60 kg.


98% of chimpanzees match human genes, so chimpanzees have a close intelligence ratio to human intelligence, are able to learn and perform the tasks they need to think about, have the best and strongest memory among all animals in the world, and scientists consider them better than human memory in memory tests. Its sense of sight is one of the finest and comes at the front of the head to cover long distances, as chimpanzees can see very deeply through which they can distinguish the maturity of the fruit.


Chimpanzees are a social animal that quickly learns to imitate humans, some of which become so connected to their beloved breeder in zoos that they scream to call him when he gets sick and refuses to take medicine from anyone else. Scientists were able to draw up a list of 20 separate voices in chimpanzees.



  • Dolphin

    Dolphins, the so-called "ferns", rank second among the smartest animals in the world. [1] Dolphins are whale-like pets, ranging in length from (1-3.5 meters) and prefer to live in warm waters in the world's seas and oceans, feeding on fish and squid.


Scientists consider dolphins to be very intelligent animals, imitating the human voice distinctively without being asked to do so. She is able to learn quickly, she is able to accept the guidance provided to her by those who train her, she is easy to communicate with and understand, to establish privileged relationships, and she is also able to learn from her past mistakes and not to fall for them again. The pointy-nosed dolphin is the smartest dolphin ever, and it has been noted that its brain size is larger than other dolphins. This dolphin is used in sea shows, where it is easy to train and socialize with, but animal behavior learners have another reason to consider the dolphin smart, as it is able to create and play several games alone.
The dolphin has been used in armies and military operations by countries such as Russia and Israel. The date of this military use of the dolphin began in 1966 from the Soviet Union in Crimea.

The function of these dolphins is to search for unexploded marine tarp, mines and weapons under a depth of 100 meters, and a pistol is installed on them to kill any suspected divers.


  • Elephant

   The third smartest animal in the world is the elephant. Most elephants in the world live either in Africa or in India, and although they are of different species, they are all intelligent. In many cultures of the world, elephants are seen as a symbol of wisdom. Elephants' intelligence is their extraordinary ability to communicate with each other, show feelings and emotions, and have a strong memory, as they can remember even after several years, if they drink from a spring of water that can return to them even after many years. They are pets used in acrobatic performances, and they only hurt any human beings if they harm them.


Elephants are animals that live in herds, which are very social, as they console each other when sad, play together in the water, communicate with each other with the vibrations they emit from their feet, and can recognize themselves in the mirror.


  • Octopus

 Octopus is the smartest no-vertebrate animal ever, with its brain and eyes the most advanced among invertebrates. It can focus its eyesight accurately, and can also adapt to light change, and after the octopus brain processes the information it receives from the eyes in the visual lobe, it uses it with its delicate sense of touch to make very smart decisions. [6] Through various scientists' research, they discovered the octopus's ability to find different ways to reach its target, such as opening a jar to reach its food.


Other smart animals

The rest of the scientists disagreed on the order of the rest of the animals with the smartest ones but did not disagree on their intelligence and ability to learn. These smart animals include crows, African parrots, resus monkeys, border collie dogs, cats, mice, squirrels, pigs, and jumping spiders.