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Ways to lighten lips


 Ways to lighten lips

Ways to lighten lips


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    Many women suffer from darkening, cracking or dryness of their lips, despite resorting to the use of many cosmetics, but any woman dreams of obtaining the natural thing that lasts long instead of temporary solutions. From maintaining the lips to look natural, smooth, and free of cracks or any other defects that the lips are exposed to, this article is devoted to identifying the causes of darkening of the lips, ways to lighten the lips, and finally, alternative mixtures for lip tattoos.


Ø      Reasons for the tan of lips

   Every woman must have pink and beautiful lips, in order to give her a more beautiful and attractive view, the woman with dark lips no matter how beautiful her look cannot be completed:

  • Excessive drinking of large amounts of caffeine, whether through coffee or tea.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun, especially without applying sunscreen or lip balm on the lips.
  • Excessive smoking, whether through regular cigarettes or hookah.
  • The use of many cosmetics of poor quality, or that contain substances that are sensitive to the lips.
  • Aging or the appearance of signs of aging.
  • The accumulation of many layers of dead skin on the lips leads to darkening and cracking.


Ø      Ways to lighten lips


    Ways to lighten the lips are not very difficult, but it is possible to apply many recipes to get light-colored lips, and one of the ways to lighten the lips is to apply coconut oil, almond oil, or glycerin at night on the lips and then in the morning wash them and apply lip balm, and there are ways to lighten the lips.


     Natural lips can be made, such as a mixture of lemon and honey or an aloe vera mask, where these ingredients are applied to the lips for an hour a day, and then the lips are washed, but it must be taken into account that these methods of lightening the lips are not enough to get rid of the darkening of the lips, but health must also be taken care of, In addition to having a healthy diet to enjoy pink lips, you should drink at least eight glasses of water during the day, and you should also avoid using poor-quality brands that affect the lips, taking care to use a natural lip balm to get soft lips.


  • Alternative mixtures to lip tattoos


  • Recently, many women have turned to the trend of lip tattoos; This is due to getting rid of the darkening of the lips, and obtaining pink lips without the need to apply lipstick colors, and the following are alternative mixtures to tattoos:
  • Honey lot: Mix a little honey with drops of almond oil and glycerine oil, and then apply this mixture to the lips, to get beautiful and attractive lips.
  • Yeast and milk mixture: by mixing a teaspoon of baking powder, yeast, and starch, then add all these ingredients to half a box of yogurt, then stir the mixture well and put it in the refrigerator, where it can be used three times a week for a quarter of an hour each time.
  • Vitamin E mixture: by mixing a spoon of vanilla and a spoon of vitamin E with a spoon of beeswax, then add two spoons of coconut oil, and add a little hot water, until these ingredients mix well, then put it in the refrigerator and use it twice or Three times daily.


    Other natural blends that help lighten lips

·     How to make almond oil blend to lighten lips

      Sweet almond oil is one of the finest nourishing oils to exfoliate lips, rejuvenate cells, lighten their color and make them pink. Lemon juice is undoubtedly known for its many features and characteristics in the field of natural bleaching, where fresh lemon juice contains citrus fruits that help to lighten and supply lips.


Mix half a spoonful of lemon juice with half a spoonful of almond oil, with a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of sugar. Mix well, rub and peel the lips for 5 minutes.


·     The way the pomegranate mixture works to lighten the lips


    Pomegranate seeds are a great ingredient that helps to supply lips naturally, giving you a pink lip color.

Add milk cream and rose water to ground pomegranate seeds and mix for a smooth mixture. Apply to your lips for 3 minutes and wash with water.


·     How to make a strawberry blend to lighten lips


Also, you can use strawberries to make your lips naturally red, by grinding strawberry kernels well and mixing them with milk. Apply to your lips and rub in a circular shape for 10 minutes. Then wash your mouth with cold water to make the lips red in strawberry color.


·     How to make tomato mixture to lighten lips


   You can also use tomatoes to get red lips and supply lips. All you have to do is grind the red tomatoes, apply them to your lips and rub for 10 minutes before washing them with water. Tomatoes will not only give you red lips, but will moisturize them and increase their softness as well.


·     How to make aloe vera mixture to lighten lips


   Aloe vera moisturizes the lips and gives them pink. For the desired result, add the aloe vera generation to the ground berries and honey. Mix well, then apply to your lips and leave for 5 minutes. After washing the mixture, apply a little vaseline to your lips or lip moisturizer.


·     How to make turmeric and milk mixture to lighten lips


   Mix 3 teaspoons of turmeric with a teaspoon of milk until you have a knit paste. Apply the mixture to your lips for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.


·     How to make beetroot or beet mixture to lighten lips


    Beetroot is one of the best ingredients that give natural and nourishing color to the skin, thanks to its betaine dye and is responsible for the distinctive red beet color. Mash a well-sized medium beet and add white honey until you get a homogeneous paste. Keep the mixture in a clean bottle and use once a day before bed.