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Tips to help you practice meditation



Tips to help you practice meditation


Tips to help you practice meditation

    We are under pressure every day beyond our tolerance, as a result of the changes in life that accompany us in all areas, whether at work, study, raising children, caring for the home, and the elderly, all of this leads us to frustration, and brings us to the point of satisfying to bear more, so there must be something alternative that keeps us away from all the tensions, surrounding us, to get us out to a world where we feel at rest,  Even for a few hours, to give us inner calm, and prepare us to receive the pressures coming in a new spirit.


How is meditation done?

ü      Calm

To practice meditation, you should look for a quiet place, away from inconvenience, by closing the mobile phone, ignoring all sounds, and focusing on building a quiet place, allowing for psychological relaxation.


ü      environment

If it is impossible to relax and meditate at home, you have to change the place, such as choosing a site where fewer people, such as the garden, or anywhere else, away from the noise and movement of passers-by, to take advantage of the idea of meditation, and to change the usual environment, full of  many distractions, which do not allow for concentration.


ü      Regularity

It's not easy to meditate from the beginning, it can be difficult for people to get rid of thinking, clear the mind, prepare for meditation, and relax, but following up on the process in short periods, and regularly, may make it easier to do, and make it pay off when exercising it.


ü      Do not disturb

     When having to practice meditation in troublesome places, such as the home environment, it should stay away from the effects of noise, and retire in a quiet room, with an alert to those present, not to disturb, and boycott, except in emergencies.


ü      Adjusting mood

    Regardless of the method chosen in meditation, you should choose an atmosphere that achieves relaxation, calmness, and makes the mood at its best, such as choosing places with shades, queer air, candlelight, and other ways to suit everyone, and their psyche.


ü      The smell.

Surrounded scents, with meditative people, give an atmosphere that drags them towards relaxation, and tranquillity, pushing their imagination into those places that possess this aroma, such as incense, candles, or the smell of grass and flowers in open spaces.

ü      Brainstorming

By not allowing frustration to dominate thinking, during meditation practice, because of the gathering of ideas, and wandering around the head, in a random way, it leads to confusion, and lack of focus, so it must be removed, and try to focus on what is useful in relaxation and meditation.