moz How does a pregnant woman take care of her hair? 10 secrets
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How does a pregnant woman take care of her hair? 10 secrets


 How does a pregnant woman take care of her hair?

How does a pregnant woman take care of her hair?


Pregnant woman taking care of her hair

 During her pregnancy, a pregnant woman is exposed to many changes that affect her health and her external appearance, as the chances of her being exposed to problems of weight, digestive system, skin, and hair increase, as hair begins to fall, fading, breakage, and weakness; Because the fetus benefits from part of the nutrients that it eats, which reduces the chance of her hair getting the elements necessary for its proper growth, and it requires care and attention to it in a special way and different from the ways of caring for the non-pregnant, and in this article we will show you how a pregnant woman takes care of her hair.


How a pregnant woman takes care of her hair


Hair massage

  Hair massage is one of the most important ways to maintain it during pregnancy, especially if it was massaged with natural oils, such as olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil, and it is possible to warm a small amount of any type From these oils, then massage the scalp and hair with it, and then cover the hair with a warm cloth, which ensures the strengthening of the hair roots and prevents its loss. It is also recommended to repeat this process at least four times every week.


Washing the hair periodically

 It is preferable to wash the hair at least twice a week to allow its roots to breathe and to reduce the chances of its ends being split or dry.


Avoiding the use of chemicals

   The pregnant woman should stay away from products prepared with chemicals, as they are harmful to the hair, and may affect the health of the fetus, such as sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens, and it is possible to use products prepared from natural materials to ensure that there are no side effects that negatively affect In the health of the pregnant woman or the health of her fetus.


Avoiding hair dyes

   It is preferable to avoid dyeing hair during pregnancy; Because some dyes and colors may affect the pregnant woman negatively, and cause her some types of infections or allergies, and other complications that may affect the fetus, affecting its ability to grow normally.


Avoid combing the hair when it is wet

  It is preferable to avoid combing the hair while it is wet and leaving it to dry naturally, and not to resort to using electric hair dryers that may harm it, and increase the chances of it drying out and falling out.


Cutting the ends of the hair

    Trimming and cutting the ends of the hair protects it from breakage that increases its loss, knowing that the hair of a pregnant woman is exposed to many changes that make a difference in its density, and its natural texture, which requires cutting and intensifying care for it.


Adhering to a balanced diet

  A healthy and balanced diet provides all the elements necessary for hair growth to protect it from breakage and fall, so you must drink more milk, eat fish, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, with the need to consult a doctor about foods to be avoided, or reduce Of which.



 Pregnancy causes changes in the body’s hormones, increases mood, and causes feelings of stress, tension, and stress, which affects the health of the pregnant woman and the health of her hair, which requires taking enough rest, trying to relax, listening to music, practicing breathing exercises, and sleeping enough hours to ensure the safety of Poetry.