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5 tips to get deep sleep methods


5 tips to get deep sleep methods

5 tips to get deep sleep methods


Sleep need


 The human body needs to sleep for a period ranging from seven to nine hours, so doctors and specialists advise the need for a person to go to bed a few hours before this period so that he feels comfortable and reassured, and helps his body to relax and sleep deeply, especially if he suffers from Diseases or symptoms that reduce his sleep hours; Such as insomnia, anxiety, and to enjoy deep sleep, the steps that we will talk about in this article can be applied.



Tips to get a deep sleep



Deep BreathingMethod  


   In this method it is necessary to take a deep breath from the nose only for four seconds, then hold it for seven seconds, then exhale through the mouth for eight seconds, and by repeating this mechanism four times in a row without interruption or taking a normal breath, the person will be able to sleep Calmly and comfortably, knowing that the completion of the inhale and exhale is often after sixty seconds from the beginning of this method.


   This technique calms the body and brings rest to the muscles and mind due to the introduction of a large amount of oxygen to the lungs, according to studies and research, this method is effective and good for getting some rest and deep sleep, especially on days when a person feels tired and cannot sleep quickly when he is present. in his bed.



Take a look at the schedule


If a person is thinking about changing his routine habits before sleeping, he must first think about the last work he would like to accomplish before bed and write it down in his schedule two hours before bed, because that gives the person An opportunity to feel calm and prepare for deep and restful sleep.


Try to relax before bed

  In order to get a deep and comfortable sleep, you must calm the nerves, and spread a sense of relaxation and comfort in the body, by leaving everything related to work, emails, or social networking sites.


Stop eating

If a person eats foods before bed, he will suffer from anxiety and some disorders; Because the body will feel energetic when burning different foods, so it must stop eating foods hours before bed.


Stop using electronic devices

 You should stay away from mobile phones and computers for a period of no less than thirty minutes before bedtime. Recent studies have proven that the blue light emitted by a cell phone is comparable to sunlight that deceives the human mind, and suggests that it stops the secretion of melatonin, and by stopping the secretion of this hormone, the regulation of this hormone changes. The body's circadian rhythm.


Abandoning the sleep of a nap


 A person sleeps during the day for a certain period of time that makes him awake in the evening or throughout the day, even if the duration of sleep during the day does not exceed ten minutes.