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How to lengthen the body



How to lengthen the body


How to lengthen the body


1- The possibility of lengthening the body

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The possibility of lengthening the body


   In general, the body stops growing after puberty, and this means that adult people have a small possibility of increasing their height, although there is a possibility to do some things to promote the growth process, including:




Follow a balanced diet


   Care must be taken to eat all the nutrients that the body needs; The diet should include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and dairy, and foods containing sugar, hydrogenated fats and saturated fats should be avoided or reduced.



    It is worth noting that advancing age or having a disease that affects bone density affects the overall length of the body, so it is recommended that men over the age of seventy and women over the age of fifty consume 1200 milligrams of calcium on a daily basis, and vitamin D promotes health Bones, and its most important sources are: tuna, fortified milk and egg yolk, although the diet does not include enough vitamin D; It is recommended to consult a doctor to obtain nutritional supplements to meet the recommended daily amount.




Sleeping enough hours


   Depriving the body of adequate sleep hours, especially during adolescence, would cause long-term complications; This is because the body secretes hormone growth during sleep, and in return its secretion decreases if we do not get enough sleep.

    It is worth noting that the amount of sleep that a person needs varies according to his age, according to the following:






Age Adequate sleep hours

·      From birth - three months 14 - 17 hours.

·      Three months - eleven months 12 - 17 hours.

·      Year - two years 11 - 14 hours.

·      3 - 5 years 10 - 13 hours

·      6 – 13Years old 9 - 11 hours

·      14 – 17Years 8 - 10 hours

·      18 - 64 years 7 - 9 hours

·      65 and above 7 - 8 hours


Maintaining an ideal weight


   Obesity negatively affects height and health in general; Therefore, it is necessary to maintain an weight ideal by following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Obesity causes stress on joints and bones; This makes the body appear shorter and less than its actual length.



Doing Pilates exercises


    The Pilates exercises contribute to increasing length body, and by helping body to gravity resistance and reduce the pressure on spine and hips, and practitioners the sport feel they becoming more taller, and feel energetic, comfort and health with it increases length of few Millimeters only.