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Signs of love in a man in psychology



When a man falls in love



When a man falls in love


Signs of love in a man in psychology


1.  Feeling happy and satisfied

When a man falls in love

        A man and anyone feel overjoyed and satisfied with themselves and their life when they fall in love, and some neurotransmitters, such as the hormones dopamine and oxytocin, play an important role in enhancing a person’s sense of romance, pleasure and satisfaction.

       In addition to enhancing loyalty and belonging in the romantic moments that bring him together with the lover, and that Because of the signals sent by the brain, which express its good natural state resulting from falling under the ecstasy and the great attraction of love.


2.  Romance in the expression of love


          Love may push a man to do strange behaviors that contradict his personality, or his calm nature, so he is unable to control his feelings, and sometimes makes him rediscover himself again, enhancing feelings of manhood, generosity, and strong emotions to him, or his desire to speed up the stages of the relationship, and get closer to his partner, and with the development of The relationship and the passage of some time begins to control his emotions and actions.


        In addition to trying to find common attractions with his beloved, and work to exploit and enhance them with romantic behaviors that differ from one person to another based on his previous experiences, or his personality and culture.


3.  Expression through body language


When a man falls in love

          A man’s feelings appear when he falls in love spontaneously through non-verbal communication, which translates his deep feeling of love through physical movements and gestures known as body language, which are represented by some distinctive signs, including:


·      Eye contact: Eye contact plays a major role in expressing feelings, and it is a clear indication of one’s admiration and love, and it is a means used by the body to attract and attract the attention of the lover, by focusing looking into his eyes when talking to him, or while observing him from afar, and expresses his interest in this. The person, and his desire to improve the relationship and strengthen communication between them.


·      Physical contact: It appears through the following points:

·      The movement of the feet, the way a man stands, or his way of walking and presenting himself, as they are the means and ways through which the body tries to attract the partner and attract his attention.


·      The distance that separates a man from his partner, some try to bring this distance closer and stand close to her.


·      Deliberately touching the partner lightly and spontaneously.


Caring for women, their support and participation, planning for the future


When a man falls in love

        The manifestations of attention differ from one man to another, but what is common to them is the sincerity of the emotion that appears clearly through their behavior.


All of them are clear indications of interest, and do not forget his interest in her view of him, her belief in his honesty and her desire to share this long life with him, planning with him for a happy and successful future for their relationship, the union of passion between them, and the desire to have children who share the joy and pleasure of life.


4.  Desire to please women in any way

         A man seeks to draw a smile on the face of his beloved, and rejoices when bringing joy to her heart, and sees happiness as a common feeling that makes him happy in return, and strives to make her happy in various ways and means, including the following:



·      Working to strengthen the relationship with her family members and those close to her, such as strengthening contact with her parents and spending time with them, even if their personalities and interests differ from him; This is because of his interest in her feelings and his desire to please her and satisfy her.


·      Giving her the special things that she loves and that make her happy, and remember the special days and happy occasions in her life, such as her graduation day, their wedding anniversary, and others.


·      The use of expressions that indicate his closeness to him, whether together or in front of others, such as replacing the phrase “I” with the method of combining them with “we”, as evidence of his acknowledgment of its existence, and the importance of sharing it with him.


·      Accept the woman as she is, and not insist on changing her personality to match him, or changing the style of self-care, such as the way she chooses clothes or hair color.


·      Attention to building trust between them, and realizing its importance in building a healthy relationship, so that he does not act in a way that disturbs her, or makes her doubt him, and is jealous of him, and is frank with her about the details of his life, and he promises her sincerity and abide by his vows.


Ø The qualities that a man likes in a girl


    There are some distinctive qualities that attract a man to a woman, and make him fall in love with her, including:


·      The elegant outer appearance:

       It is not possible to deny the man’s interest in the appearance of the girl, which pulls him and captivates him and makes him want to approach her, or create a dialogue with her.


·      Attractive personality:


A woman's attention to her external attractiveness does not mean that she neglects her personality and her inner essence.


·      The beautiful smile:


   The charming smile of a woman increases her beauty and personal attractiveness, and is evidence of her enjoyment of a good mood, which encourages men to approach her and take the initiative to talk to her.


·      Enjoying maturity and using the polite method when discussing:


     As the woman’s maturity and responsibility, and sufficient awareness of what she says, will make the man enjoy the discussion with her, and creates different topics to hear her opinion, thus enjoying his admiration in her way of thinking, with the need for her to enjoy a calm dialogue style, and the selection of polite words that reflect Her personality indicates her high culture.


·      Be polite and deal kindly with others:

     Good manners for a woman complement her beauty, increase her femininity and attractiveness.