moz How do I make my father love me?
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How do I make my father love me?



How do I make my father love me?


How do I make my father love me

How do I make my father love me?

      There are many ways and methods that improve the relationship with the father and make him love his children more and feel more satisfied with them, and these methods include:


Ø Problem Solving

         The relationship between the father and his children may have some problems, so the son must take the initiative and know the problems they face in the relationship and then try to reach a settlement to solve them. sons.


Ø Avoid arguments

          Usually the sons enter into sterile arguments with their fathers, in which both parties want to prove that he is right, and this method of dealing leads to less communication between both parties in order to avoid arguments in general, but if the son gives up that he wants to be right, then the father He will appreciate this and will be happy for his son to listen to him, which will improve the relationship between them and make the father more attracted to his son.


Ø Involve the father in decisions

          The father usually likes to have a role in the decisions of his children, and therefore it is important to consult him and inform him that he has an important opinion in various issues, and this of course will strengthen the relationship between both parties and make them harmonious because of the happiness and satisfaction that the father will feel when his children consult him and take his opinion on matters their lives.


Ø Achieve success

          The dream of every father in this life is for his children to be successful and influential people in their lives and able to always achieve more and progress in success as they get older. Therefore, one of the most things that will make the father’s heart full of contentment and love for the children is to be successful and not dependent on One, and the most thing that makes the father feel happy is for the children to gift him their successes, and to acknowledge his grace over them and that without his efforts they would not have reached what they are, which will make the father feel that his upbringing and concern for them were not in vain.


Ø Spending time with dad

          One of the simplest things that children neglect, which is a right of the father, is to spend some time with him so that they exchange pleasant conversations, which prompts the father to appreciate the desire of his children to sit with him and spend some time, and thus he will feel content and love.


Ø Taking care of a father in his difficult times

          All human beings go through some difficult times during their lives, but for the father, the children sometimes forget that he is also going through bad things. the father and make him feel their positive presence; Because this will improve his condition, and because he will also be in dire need of them, in addition to that he will not forget if the children do not stand with him in his ordeal, which will affect the relationship negatively and thus affect the father's love and appreciation for his children.


vThe importance of a father's love

How do I make my father love me

          Father’s love is one of the most important things that affect human life, according to studies conducted by researchers on this subject, and its importance lies in the following:


vcharacter development

          The father’s relationship with the sons contributes to shaping their personalities in a large and very influential way.


         The father’s kindness to them contributes to the development of their personalities by providing them with the necessary values ​​and the passion they need in order to form healthy and balanced personalities, and this is especially important in the childhood stage that determines the son’s identity in the future.


vfeeling safe

         The father represents a symbol of a sense of security in various cultures, and that is on both the material and moral levels. Children usually wait for their parents to defend them and provide them with the protection they need in order to face life, which provides the children with internal strength and sound psychological development.



        The father’s love gives the children self-confidence, when the father is one of the characters who supports the children and always pushes them to further progress, this contributes to the creation and development of their self-confidence, and thus they can create a good life for themselves, but if the father is the type who marginalizes his children ; Their self-confidence will decrease.


Ø Define relationships

 The role of the father in the son’s life is not limited to the internal and psychological development of him only, but also extends to include the son’s relationships and how they are formed and the choice of the people around him. .


Ø academic success

 Studies have proven that the father-son relationship affects his academic achievement, and this means that the good relationship between the father and his sons leads them to be academically successful and able to excel, in addition to that they enjoy school and study more, show a response to the surrounding environment and engage in multiple activities.

the behavior

The father affects the behavior of his children when they are young and even when they grow up and become responsible for their actions. Some children may show hostility because of their abnormal relationship with their fathers, while those who have a good relationship with the father do not show it, in addition to the fact that the father greatly affects the rates of anxiety, frustration and depression. that may arise with the child.


Ø Definition of father's love


         A father’s love is defined as the virtuous and sublime feelings and the full attention and care that a father provides to his children in order to make them feel safe and avoid a feeling of rejection that may affect their lives in a negative way if it is the method used in education, and a father’s love is an exceptional experience and a special feeling for both parties the father And the son, which creates another form of love that is built on a solid foundation that the days cannot affect in a negative way.