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How to look after my cat


How to look after my cat 

How to look after my cat

If you enjoy raising cats, you should read this article:

Here are some important points if you liked this

1- nutrition

  Cat food is an essential thing that you should pay attention to care for; As the food for cats is a balanced food, and it provides cats with all the nutrients that they need, thus ensuring that they are not exposed to a lack of certain elements that lead to certain diseases such as blindness, and attention must be paid to Providing the cats with an appropriate amount of water daily.

2-Home care

  Keeping cats indoors or outdoors depends on your lifestyle and habitat, and most cat organizations recommend keeping cats indoors, allowing them to choose their favorite places in the home, and providing them with comfort blankets; In order to maintain her safety, health, and life.

3-Litter box

  The most important aspect of caring for cats is the Customize of a small box for its litter, and the use of good quality boxs  for easy cleaning, placing them in relatively areas quiet, and providing enough of these boxs .

4-Play and exercises

  You should play with cats and train them every day in order to get enough exercise that maintains their body and muscles, prolongs their youth, and their disease.

5-Cat showers

Cats are able to clean themselves, and they do not need to be bathed by their owner, but there are some reasons why bathing is important, in the event of fleas or dirty cat stuffing.


  Cat breeders should be aware of the cat's medical history. To know the long-term health care requirements in the event that they suffer from a health problem, but if they are in good health, the type of their breed must be taken into account. Such as cats (Manx) or Scottish cats have respiratory problems, and they are more likely to develop genetic problems.